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Jiashan PVB Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of self-lubricating bearing in China. Our company specializes in research, development and production of all kinds of high-quality sliding bearing. 90% of our products are exported to foreign countries

"To get the highest possible customer satisfaction by customer-orientation and constant improvement" is our long-standing policy. We would like to co-operate closely with our client in hope of developing further relations and making greater progress day by day!

Our products:

  • PTFE coated self-lubricating bearing (DU bushing)
  • POM coated boundary lubricating bearing (DX bushing)
  • Bimetal bearing
  • Wrapped bronze bushing
  • Cast bronze bushing with grooves
  • Cast bronze bar and bushing
  • Solid lubricating bushing
  • Oilless guide bushing
  • Graphite inlaid bushing
  • Rail bearing and rail components
  • Oilless slide plate and thrust washer
  • Steel bushings
  • FR bearing

Application of PVB Bearing

PVB bearings can be widely used as components necessary in mechanical industries or for repair and maintenance of various machines.

  • Automotive industry:
    Wiper arms, door hinges, trunk hinge, foot pedals, shock absorbers, engines, camshafts, connect rod, steering system, pedal assembly, seat angle regulator, etc.
  • Office machines:
    Copy machines, fax machines, joint and reciprocation parts of faxes, paper shredders, scanners and printers, starting and hinge parts of fitness equipment, doors and windows.
  • Agricultural machinery:
    planting machines, mills, potato harvester, tractors, etc.
  • Paper/wood/pulp industry:
    Timber- & chain-saws, cutting machines, folding machines, looms, etc.
  • Steel industry:
    Sliding plates, steel & rolling-mills, body presses, tool posts, etc.
  • Electricity tools:
    Switch gears, contactors, pneumtools, hydraulic tools, transformers, etc.
  • Domestic appliances:
    microwave ovens, food processors (mixers, blenders), lawn mowers, sewing machine, etc.
  • Medical equipment:
    Dental equipment, X-ray equipment, medical turntables, wheelchairs. etc.
  • Construction industry:
    Lift components, excavators, concrete mixers, caterpillars, escalators, etc.
  • Other uses:
    Valves, blinds, drying plant, baking machinery, screws and bolts, awnings, etc.

Apart from the mentioned details, PVB Bearing is still used in thousands of different areas.

PVB Bearing find a good sale in Norway, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, UK and USA.

Is there anything you are wondering about us? To know more about our self-lubricating bearing, please write to pvb@oilesbearing.com or call us TODAY. We will give you a prompt reply within 24 hours.

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